JSY Jellyfish Storey Adjustable Bamboo Toilet Stool


Using a toilet step stool helps align your colon, intestines and reduces constipation, hemorrhoids, and straining.

Having proper posture on the toilet reduces issues with weak pelvic floors and bladder issues.

bamboo toilet stool

Doctors and physical therapists often recommend that people who are susceptible to constipation and hemorrhoids use a toilet step stool.

The JSY Jellyfish Storey toilet step stool is perfect for pregnant women, the elderly, and anyone with chronic bathroom issues.

A toilet step stool is also an invaluable potty-training tool. It helps children feel more comfortable on the toilet and makes it easier for them to learn to use the bathroom independently.

The JSY Jellyfish Storey adjustable bamboo toilet stool is child and adult friendly. It’s made from all-natural, eco-friendly bamboo.

This 5-position toilet stool adjusts from 6 inches to 10 inches.

JSY Bamboo Toilet Stool is equipped with non-skid pads and a beveled top deck, our toilet stool is safe for people of all ages.

The JSY Jellyfish Storey  toilet stool is made from the highest quality bamboo and is designed to be durable, sturdy, antimicrobial, and is mold and mildew resistant.

bamboo toilet stool

Alleviate Pressure, Constipation, and Uncomfortable Bathroom Experiences with a Toilet Stool that Helps Put You in the Right Position


Product Details:

• Bamboo Adjustable Toilet Stool
• Natural, Sustainable Design
• Supports Up to 300 lbs.
• Designed for Kids and Adults
• Adjustable: 6” to 10”
• Sturdy, Well-Balanced Support
• Non-Skid Surface, Top Beveled Area
• CPSIA and FSC Certified

Improve your family’s bathroom experience. Order your JSY bamboo adjustable toilet stool today!